Fascia Training

Fascia play a huge role in our health. They run through our body without interruption from head to toe. Muscles, bones, nerves and organs are surrounded by this network.
A weakened fascia is noticeable through pain. Many people believe that back pain is related to a worn disc, a blocked vertebra, or a tight muscle. But often the real reason is tears or adhesions and other microscopic injuries in the fascia. Now comes the good news: a very high percentage of these injuries can be completely cured. With fascia training, the fibers are realigned, better supplied and the pain disappears.



The myofascial system is put under just as much stress in the case of the couch potato as it is in the ambitious athlete and in the monotonously active person. The fascia reacts to stress stimuli with tension and can ultimately lead to chronic pain. In addition, one feels increasingly uncomfortable, as if our body is in a tight neoprene diving suit, which severely restricts mobility and rubs, creaks and pinches here and there when we move.

Dr. Pfitzer, Torsten:  Schmerzen selbst behandeln mit BLACKROLL