About me

Fascia Training from head to toe

I am Pooneh - a Pilates trainer and Face Yoga instructor from Munich.
Since my youth I have practiced various sports and in the course of time I have made my passion to my job. I started by teaching Aerobics at a womens gym in Teheran. During a few years in Dubai I extended the offer to include Aqua Gym and worked as a personal trainer. So if you are in Munich and prefer to be instructed in English - that should not be too much of a problem.

In my early days in Munich, I trained course participants in the fitness studios Elixia and Body+Soul in Aqua Gym and Aerobics. I then moved on to Elements where I give Fascia Training and Pilates.

Pilates and Face Yoga in small groups

With facebodyworkout my focus continues to be the stimulation of fascial tissues with movement therapy and active exercises. Since fascia are not limited to the body but also include the head, I include Face Yoga as part of the offer.

My location is the Munich Ballet Center, a small studio for correspondingly small groups sizes - which means that I can offer more personal and intensive support.
The approach I have to myself and my clients goes beyound physical well being, and includes a sense of holistic wellness. If you would like to find out more or wish to take part in a free trial lesson, contact me.


Aquafitness Instructor
Aerobictrainer B-license
Pilates Trainer License
Blackroll® Trainer
Face Yoga Method Teacher